My Component Shop

Find building blocks and components for Coffeecup's Site Designer and HTML Editor

My first collection of 'building blocks', also called 'components', was started in 2017. I had managed to get up to some speed with Coffeecup's Site Designer (SD for short) after having struggled a bit to find the best ways to achieve the design and functionalities I wanted.

By helping in the Coffeecup user forum I soon discovered that a lot of users were struggling with more or less the same things, so I decided to make my solutions available to the community. And along with helping others, I found more good advice and solutions that could be added to the collection. 

 My first sharing site  is now fairly outdated, so this site was started in 2019, and in 2020 building blocks for the HTML Editor (short name Editor) were included. The Editor doesn't have actual 'components', so instead the files are just zipped project files. To begin with I tried to make everything also work in Internet Explorer, but it was a relief when we didn't have to worry about that anymore.  

One could say 'the rest is history'. This site has grown, partly because of new features having been added to the programs SD and Editor, and we have had to learn new skills, and partly because of more user questions for help and instructions. I have had inspiration and input from some of the other users, especially from one who is helping me with things that I'm not able to fix myself. 

The components for the frameworks Bootstrap, Foundation and Materialize have all been built 'mobile-up', which has been the usual approach to site building since Responsive Web Design (RWD) came about around 2013.

BareBone is my name for the framework that was first called Vanilla, then later  'Framworkless'. It isn't really a 'framework', so probably a 'layout system' would be more correct. Many of the BareBone components have been made so that they can be used for both 'desktop-down' and 'mobile-up', but if that was not possible, you'll find a version for either way.

The building blocks for the Editor are all desktop-down. The app HTML Editor has been around for a long time (since 1996) and has always been known as a very good code editor, and  desktop-down has been the traditional approach to creating websites all since the start.

The images used as illustrations in most of the components are my own, the rest are from such repositories that are in the public domain.

You are free to download what you like and what you need from these pages. You don't need to register, and there is no logging of your movements. Be aware that the downloadable items come 'as is'. They have been checked in all the common browsers. The programs mentioned here can be found and downloaded at Coffeecup Software.

Good luck!