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1. This is where you put your content. You can remove the flex positioning (change to block) and have the paragraphs run right across the page if you like. You can even remove the paragraphs (but not the containing .content.wrap) and add images, sliders or any content you prefer. 

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Hero Heading

The Hero Heading has been created with CSS Grid, so make sure you activate grid support in 'Design for'. Also, you may have to set it to 'Display Grid' on the Styles pane.

Below the large image there is a container .content-wrap. Please use it to pop your own contents into. You can delete the current content.

The title text will move to the left side and appear vertical on wide viewports. To achieve this, the facilities in the 'Direction and writing mode' have been used, plus rotating in Effects.

Any horizontal menu can be used, either above or below the large image. Here the Dropdown Menu has been put to use. It is integrated in the grid system. The 2nd download can be previewed on the Materialize page. It has a Hamburger Menu as a top navigation, outside of the grid system. Both menus can be found as components on their own pages. 

The Hero Heading will work in IE11, but you lose some of the effects, like the white outlining of the title text and the shifting of the title to the left side.

The image used in this component comes from Pixabay.

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