Background Video

Small boat

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Background Video

The video has been created by using the 'Background Video element. A 'poster' picture has been made from the video to cover the look of the bare video player before start.

In order to have the video playing on some mobile devices, in particular on iPhones, the attribute 'Playsinline' had to be used. Autoplay has been applied, so the video starts running when the page opens (give a second or two for the video to fully load).

If you change the width, please bear in mind that the video has an aspect ratio of 16 x 9, which means that the width and height of the content-size-container has to be a multiple of 16 and 9.

The video has been downloaded from Pexels.

Placeholder Picture

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The component can be used both for 'mobile-up' and 'desktop-down'.