Eurasian oystercatcher

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The Eurasian oystercatcher, also known as the common pied oystercatcher, or palaearctic oystercatcher, or just oystercatcher, is a wader in the oystercatcher bird family Haematopodidae. (Wikipedia)

Common Raven

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The common raven, also known as the western raven or northern raven, is a large all-black passerine bird. Found across the Northern Hemisphere, it is the most widely distributed of all corvids. (Wikipedia)

Simple Cards

There are many ways to use a card, for example as business cards, product intormation, general information. Cards can be made smaller, larger, and they can also be styled for landscape orientation.

Originally the component displayed here was built for mobile-up, and the simpler version for desktop-down. But since none of them has any breakpoints, they can be used  both ways.

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Download this component for 'both ways'

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Download the simpler version for 'both ways'