Book Navigation

Book Navigation

For those of you who are creating, or putting a book on their website, here is a navigation system that may prove quite handy. The usage cannot be demonstrated here on this page, but in the download you will find, instead of a normal component, a little zipped project file that is showing how it works. 

You will see that the pages will have to be named in a special way, page 1 and up to 9 need a zero to make it a two digit number.

Also, you will find a html element containing some JavaScript. It is now set up for 6 pages. If you need more - or less - you need to change the 4th line of the script, 

var cnumlast =06;

by changing the '06' to the number of your last page.

The container 'content-container' below the navigation can be used for the content to go onto the page. It can be tweaked and styled to your liking.

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Download this component

This component can be used both for 'mobile-up' and 'desktop-down'.