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Drilldown Menu

The menu consists of four columns of links, one for each level in the menu hierarchy. You won't see those columns in the browser because the overflow has been set to 'hidden'.

The second component is the same, but it has been made so that the different levels scroll into view when they are clicked on. This has been achieved with a small java script and some attributes.

The menu is designed to sit along the left side of a web page. If you want to move it, the best way is to add a container around it, as has been done here with the .drilldown-wrapper, and then put margins and padding in place as you see fit. Also, the outer container has been been centered on this page. If you don't want that, just remove the left and right 'auto' margins.

You can add or subtract menu links or levels. You can also change the styling if you prefer.

Download the component (Displayed).

Download the component with smooth scroll.